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Orbsmart WA-1 wireless Windows 10 & 11 Airmouse with German keyboard

Orbsmart WA-1 wireless Windows 10 & 11 Airmouse with German keyboard

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The Orbsmart WA-1 is a wireless airmouse that was specially developed for Windows 10 & 11. With the WA-1 you can control the mouse pointer with simple hand movements and make all entries comfortably from the sofa, for example, using the German keyboard on the back. The integrated lighting makes operation easier even in the dark. An infrared learning function is also on board.


Wireless control

With the integrated gyro sensor, the mouse pointer can be controlled with one hand movement (similar to the Wii). With 2.4GHz technology, the range is up to 10 meters.

Windows 10 & 11 special keys

The Orbsmart WA-1 Airmouse was specially developed for use under the Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 operating system. With the special keys/shortcuts, many functions can be accessed quickly and easily without having to make a lot of time-consuming clicks.

Infrared learning function

The WA-1 also offers the option of learning buttons from almost any normal infrared remote control (TV, Smart TV Box, receiver, etc.). E.g. off/on, play/pause, source etc. Up to 34 buttons are available on the top.

LED lighting

Thanks to the integrated LED backlight, the Orbsmart WA-1 mini keyboard can also be used perfectly in the dark. To protect the batteries, it switches off automatically after 5 seconds (without use).


Box contents:
1. Orbsmart WA-1 (GERMAN layout)
2. USB receiver
3. Manual (German)


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